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F.A.Q. for Ubisoft’s “Beyond Good and Evil”:

These are  FAQ tips, not a complete walkthrough. 
If you need more detail, read my very own and very illustrated walk-through.

If you need 
Rahly's savegame editor email me. 

Available Subjects:

* Some general questions

Where do I find these ...


* Code troubles


* PA1 listing


* Meca-Impulser listing.


* MDisk listing


* Pearl Troubles (+list)


* Animal troubles (+list)

  * Help, I keep getting killed! 
(= All the boss fights)


General Questions.

1. How do I move the hovercraft?

bullet Read the Mdisk in Pey’j’s workshop.
bullet Then push the big generator to the end of the dock.
bullet After entering the hovercraft, use the same direction buttons that you used for Jade.

2. Where is this place?

bullet Use the compass function when in the hovercraft (=same as buddy action button) and look around.
bullet The names of the locations will show up at the bottom of the screen.
bullet Black Island and the factory are at the top of your map.
bullet The 3rd race and the slaughterhouse are at the bottom of your map. You'll need the jump kit to cross the laser barrier at the lighthouse.

3. Pey'j keeps whining about PA1s.

bullet Give him one by opening your inventory and pointing at one.
bullet Click the action button to take it.
bullet Move the arrow to Pey'j. Click again to drop it.
bullet You can also do this with health food items.

4. I can’t get out of the factory. I need a second fuse. 

bullet Go back to the generator room where you found the first fuse.
bullet The second fuse is at the back of the generator.
bullet If you did take the 2nd fuse and it disappeared from your inventory: see BUGS section.

5. Where do I find the codes for the Beluga?

bullet Open your inventory and point the arrow to the jet boots.
bullet Use the “info” button that shows at the right bottom corner of the screen, not the action button. 
bullet Use  your controller to move the shoes around. The codes are on the bottom of the shoes.

6. Mammago’s garage doesn’t have the stabilizer.

bullet It will only become available in the game, when you have visited IRIS after the slaughterhouse mission.


1. What is the "Internet code" that I see on every savegame screen?

2. Where do I find the code for the cabinet in the Akuda Bar?

bullet This cabinet holds MDisk #13, which has the puck game on it. 
bullet Log in at Ubisoft’s Darkroom and enter the save game Internet code.  
bullet If / when you have enough pictures and pearls, you will be invited to take an online mission. 
bullet When you complete that mission, you will receive the code.

3. Can’t you just give me the code?

bullet No. There is a different set of  codes for every new game you start.    
bullet Alternatively, you can give yourself MDisk #13 (and a lot more) with Rahly's savegame editor. (Cheat!)

4. She won't give me the code to get out of the Slaughterhouse!

bullet That means your mission isn't finished yet.
bullet You need to get all 3 pictures for the report before you can leave this area.

Active Principles (PA1): Increase your health by 1 heart.

01 - Lighthouse bathroom
02 - Black Isle Mines vending machine (1500 Credits)
03 - Black Isle Mines entrance
04 - Nouri's shop (1500 credits)
05 - Ming-Tsu's shop (1500 credits)
06 - Nutripils factory, in the generator room
07 - Nutripils factory, behind two guards.
08 - Nutripils factory, after the end fight.
09 - Vorax Lair entrance.
10 - Slaughterhouse, North Wing, 2 guards and mines!
11 - Slaughterhouse, North Wing, up the mined ramp with a guard.
12 - Slaughterhouse, East Wing, after taking a ride on a crate.
13 - Lunar Transmitter vending machine.


Meca-Impulsers:  increase your vehicle's health by 1 wrench.

01 - Mammago Garage (1500 credits)
02 - Mammago Garage (1500 credits)
03 - Ming Tsu's shop (1500 credits)
04 - Forbidden Channel A.S. Underground Quarters
05 - Slaughterhouse: Trolley Entrance.
06 - Volcano's Treasure.

A list of all the M-Disks in Hillys.

01 - Game Save You start with this.
02 - Mr De Castellac Pey'j's workshop.
03 - The Pearl and The Currents IRIS, HH's report
04 - For Jade Pey'j in the Nutripills Factory.
05 - Surveillance Camera Nutripills Factory, next to Pey's boots.
06 - Hillyan Army Databank  Nutripills Factory computer room
07 - Beluga Check-Up Beluga Hangar
08 - Animal Species complete all 65 pictures
09 - Iris 511 Ming-Tsu.
10 - Iris 512 Ming-Tsu.  - Black Isle mission report
11 - Iris 513 Ming-Tsu. - Nutripills Factory mission report
12 - Iris 514 Ming-Tsu. - Slaughterhouse. mission report
13 - Puck game Online "Secret mission" Ubisoft DarkRoom.
14 -  Yo-Pearl Game Win all 88 pearls.



1. How can I find them?
bullet Buy the pearl detector at Ming-Tzu’s
bullet Look on your map.  (<Tab> on PC)
bullet Highlight “Pearls.”
bullet You will see pearls on the map wherever they are still available.


2. A complete list of the 88 pearls in the game and where to get them:
1. Domz Lighthouse Monster   23 -27 Hillyans' Donations (after factory)
2. Domz Sea Serpent 28 Science Center : Film of Animals 6
3. Looter's Bounty (Looter's Cavern 1) 29 - 38 Taken back from the Alpha Sections (star key)
4 Science Center : Film of Animals 2 39 - 41 Taken back from the Alpha Sections (forbidden channel)
5. Victory in the Puck Game (Akuda Bar) 42 - 44 Alpha Sections HQ (Barred area in the Pedestrian Sector)
6. Rufus' Booty (Akuda Bar) 45 Victory in the Puck Game (After the Slaughterhouse)
7. Science Center : Film of Animals 3 46  Bought from Nouri (After the Nutripills Factory)
8. Race 1 Victory 47 Bought from Ming-Tzu (After the Nutripills Factory)
9. Race 2 Victory 48 Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Eastwing)
10. Domz Pterolimax (End of Black Isle Mines) 49 Looter's Booty (Looter's Cavern 3)
11. Science Center : Film of Animals 4 50 Domz Sea Serpent (After the Slaughterhouse)
12. Vorax Lair, behind Mammago Garage 51 Looter's Booty (Looter's Cavern 4)
13. Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Shed) 52 Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Trolley area)
14. Bought from Nouri 53 - 64 Hillyans' Donations (Collected from IRIS)
15. Bought from Ming-Tzu 65 Taken back from the Alpha Sections ( crate in main canal)
16. Taken back from the Alpha Sections (From Transit) 66 Bought from Ming-Tzu (Post-Slaughterhouse)
17. Science Center : Film of Animals 5 67 - 69 Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Triangle door)
18. Looter's Booty (Looter's Cavern 2) 70 Taken back from the Alpha Sections (North Wing)
19. Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Factory - Lab) 71 Race 3 Victory
20. Domz Robot at the Factory (Nutripills Factory - Boss) 72 Race 4 Victory
21. Domz Torture Machine (Nutripills Factory) 73 Domz Sea Serpent (With Beluga)
22. Reaper (Nutripills Factory) 74 - 88 Volcano's Treasure


1. Where are they?

bullet Buy the animal detector at Ming-Tzu’s and look on your map.
bullet When you highlight “Animals”, you will see a little paw on the map wherever new animals are still hidden.

2. I can’t find that last animal, and it’s not on my map.

bullet The last animal is not on Hillys.
bullet You’ll see it when you use the stellar motor for the first time.

3. I see a little paw on the map in the room where Pey’j disappeared. Nothing is there.

bullet You forgot to take a picture of the Domz Sarcophagi when you fought them there.
bullet They will appear again in the slaughterhouse. Don’t forget this time!. 
bullet If you didn't take it then either, you're out of luck.

 A list of all the animal pictures in the game,
how much the Science Center pays for the picture, and where you can find them.
Species are listed in the same order as on Mdisk #8.


Canis Canis


Dog (Woof) in Lighthouse


Aedes Raymanis


Mosquito in the Nutripills Laboratory.


 Rattus Giganteus


Black rats, in many dungeons.


Amoeba  Polypodia


Black Isle Mines, behind crochax ramp. 


Anemonia Mutabilis


Large purple anemones in Black Isle, Volcano treasure.


Timorea Saponifera

1068.jpg (16497 bytes)


Little soap bubble creature in the slaughterhouse.


Cyclopeus Palustris

0428.jpg (27627 bytes)


Reaper' in the Nutripills factory.


Priodontes Campestris

0299.jpg (15981 bytes)


Field Armadillos near Lighthouse and at Black Island entrance.


Adalia Octopunctata


Flying bug in Lighthouse, Black Island entrance.


Rhinocerous Sapiens


Rhino guys in Mammago's Garage.


Megaptera Anaerobia


Space-whale, encased in ice.


Palinurus Rupestris


Pincer monsters on Black Island, in Vorax liar.


Cyanea Urtica


jellyfish creatures.


Larus Albus


Seagulls near lighthouse and Black Island dock. (daytime)


Koi Kumonryu

03430.jpg (25741 bytes)


Aquarium fish in Ming-Tzu’s shop.


Lampyris Campestris


Fireflies at night near Lighthouse,
also in Black Island mine.


Helix Rupestris


Giant snail in Black Isle Mine, near giant sponge.


Anguilla Bifida

0994.jpg (17805 bytes)


Water snake in Slaughterhouses.


Megaptera Borealis


Giant whale behind the Lighthouse.


Pelagia Pachydermis


Mutated jellyfish in Black Island and Vorax Liar.


Nautilus Fluoreus


Flying nautilus in the Black Isle Mines.


Crochax Velox


Flying enemies, multiple locations.


Vorax Nocturnus


Flying  enemies, at night near lighthouse, also at factory entrance.


Blabera Gregaria


Small insects found in empty cabinets (shed and factory closet).


Ignis Ignifera

1045.jpg (17488 bytes)


Flame-loving creature in ventilation area of Slaughterhouse


Teratosaurus Imperator

1811.jpg (25666 bytes)


Domz sea monster near Mammago Garage,
also in Cave near Black Island


Aurelia Magnificens

1800.jpg (24388 bytes)


Jelly creature in the Volcano's Treasure.


Trilobites Saltans


Stingray crawling around at the Slaughterhouse entrance, later in fight.


Arachnis Viridis


Green spiders near Pey's jet boots,  in Pedestrian district, also in the Beluga hangar.


Pterolimax Gigantea


Black Isle Mines end-boss.


Rascax Caeruleus 


Blue scorpion fish outside of the Garage area, also close to Black Island.


Dipneustes Trilineatus


Fish in Lighthouse Hangar and near control room in Nutripills factory.


Musca Saprophagia


Green flies found all over Hillys.
(Kick the lighthouse kitchen barrel next to the fridge.)


Planaria Rupestris


Flying creature in Black Isle Mines
(kick electric box after jumping down the platform)


Lycoperdon Fugiferus


Orange balloon creatures in various dungeons.


Sarcophagus Domzii


Sarcophagus Domz in various dungeons.


Taurus Sapiens


Bull bartender at Akuda Bar


Astacus Erectus 

0295.jpg (11196 bytes)


Plated animals in pipe in Black Isle Mines, and other locations.


Amoeba Saltans


Green amoeba in the Slaughterhouse.


Carcharodon Sapiens


Francis and Rufus in the Akuda Bar


Rattus Albus


White rat.  in Nutripills factory,
also in Alfa sections und.  Quarters, near the crochax.


Bufo Erectus


Frogs outside of Vorax Lair, at slaughterhouse entrance.


Papilio Pilosus


Giant pink slug on a ledge at the mines entrance


Lutra Erectra


Otter on top of Lighthouse,
after destruction of lighthouse on ledge in the 2nd bedroom.


Macropodia Omnivora


Biting worms found outside dungeons
(surveillance room, Alpha underground quarters).


Homo Sapiens 


Lighthouse children, town people, Double-H, ...


Megaptera Purpurea


Giant whale behind the Black Isle.


Manta Cyanea


Flying manta ray,  near the factory tower.


Sus Sapiens

0126.jpg (28512 bytes)




Alicia Splendens


Waving tentacles found on walls of caves


Manta Magnificens


Flying manta ray, near  Lighthouse.


Felis Sapiens


Mei in the Iris HQ.


Walrus Sapiens

03420.jpg (21944 bytes)


Walrus people (Ming-Tzu, also in Pedestrian District.)


Aquilus Sapiens


Birdman selling newspapers in Pedestrian District.


Capra Sapiens


Goat-children in Lighthouse, adult in Akuda Bar room


Spongus Gluanteus


Giant sponge at the bottom of Black Isle Mines.

BGAE: The Big Fights:


bullet *I keep getting killed! The boss fight on Black Island.
bullet Use Pey’j jet boot attack as soon as the monster appears.
bullet That allows Jade to close in and beat him up.
bullet If close enough,  hit the monster as it comes out or goes into a hole.
bullet When the monster is in the air, use super-attack to hit him in the face just before the green flames reach Jade, and as often as possible thereafter.
bullet When Pey’j cries “He’s weakening”, you need only one more hit to finish the fight. 


bullet *I keep getting killed! The REAPER fight. 
bullet 1. take a picture as soon as you can get into camera mode.
bullet 2. When you get out of picture mode, run forward and hit him with all you have. He'll jump away.
bullet 3. Just before he lands, switch to camera mode, and start shooting disks. He'll jump again.
bullet 4. a. If he jumps to a different ledge (remains in distance view), just follow him in camera view and keep shooting disks at him as fast as you can. If you are late, he'll shoot green fireballs at you. One will always hit you if you don't move before they get to you, so move sideways a little bit to avoid them, or keep shooting for extra damage and take a small hit yourself.
bullet 4.b. If you get a view from above during a jump, he'll jump towards you and will land right on top of you and hit you hard. Run away - any direction will do - and switch to camera view just before he lands, and start shooting. If you are close enough to hit his eye, but just far enough that he can't hit you, you do more damage and he'll jump away immediately. If you are a bit further away, he'll just freeze. Switch out of camera mode, run forward and hit him as fast as you can.
bullet 5. After you've hit him enough times, he'll stumble and jump towards the middle of the ramp and fall down in the water.
bullet Once you get the pattern of switching views correct, you can finish him off in just about 1 minute.


bullet *I keep getting killed! The boss fight in the factory.
bullet Jade needs to go to the monster's leg and  hit it.
bullet Use HH super-attack and he will hit the leg at the other side.
bullet It doesn't matter who goes first, but HH and Jade need to work closely together so that the second attack happens when one of the legs is already in the air. 
bullet When that happens, the monster will fall down, and the cage will open.
bullet Switch to camera mode and shoot a disk at the pearl. Switch back to normal view.
bullet You need to hit the pearl 3 times to end the fight.



bullet *I keep getting killed! Getting past the mining-bot to enter the slaughterhouse.
bullet Wait near the fence until the floating droid is between you and the tunnel.
bullet Push the pedal to the metal and drive through the middle circle of light a bit off-center
If you go dead center, the torpedo will drop right on top of you.
bullet Keep speeding into the tunnel and go close by the sticky defense mine.
bullet The torpedo will blow up that mine.
bullet Repeat 3 times in all.
bullet The last one will be a close call, just slam the hovercraft into the wall to the right of the last mine.



bullet *I keep getting killed! The tractor beam.
bullet You need to shoot with target lock at those lights that light up red on his tail end.
bullet The configuration of his defenses and the lights that you need to shoot at will change 8 times before this part is over.
bullet The center lights where the laser beams come from aren't lighted all the time.
You can't hit them when you see the beams, so you have only a few seconds to target and shoot them when they come on.
bullet Make sure you look at both sides of the ship to make sure you get them all.
As long as the configuration remains the same, you missed at least one light.



bullet *I keep getting killed! The Spiderbug end fight on Selene.
bullet 1. Kill the sarcophagi. Use super-attack as much as possible.
Once they're gone, Spiderbug moves forward. Use super-attack to hit it.
Pey'J is taken. 
bullet 2. Use HH super-attack to throw the Pey’j clones at the crystal spikes. Kill any sarcophagi that show up. Once there is an opening in the crystal barrier, throw a Pey'j clone at Spiderbug. HH is taken. 
bullet 3. 1-on-1 Part1.
bullet Spiderbug always attacks in the same pattern.
bullet You need to complete the pattern only once without getting hit to move on.
bullet The pattern is: Left - back - right - left - back - right - above - front - right.
bullet When Spiderbug appears above, you can: 
bullet a/. dodge and attack again
bullet b/. super-attack: no margin for error, but very effective if you get it right. Make sure that after the sideways movement, you take your hand of the move keys and start charging the super attack right away. Fire as soon as you glow. If you keep a move button activated, Jade will keep moving in that direction, and you won't be charged up by the time he hits you.
bullet c/. switch to camera mode, fire a disk, and switch back to normal mode. Requires some fast pushing of buttons, but also very effective.
bullet 4. Kill the HH clones and the sarcophagi. If you use super-attack well, Spiderbug will not be able to hit you.
bullet 5. The controls are reversed. With PC, you can turn the keyboard upside down and play the arrows instead of WASD. Kill the sarcophagi. 
bullet 6. 1-on-1 Part2.
bullet The new pattern is: Left - right - left - right - above + right?- back? - above? - front?.
bullet The second half of this second pattern (after +) changes from game to game, and even within the same game. Quick reaction is key to success.
bullet Again, you need to complete the pattern only once without getting hit to end the game.



jade.jpg (29379 bytes)



G-2b, playing the fast game. 

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