sweet peas

A frequent visitor in my kitchen.

a. raw sweet peas

I only had these when I was growing sweet peas in my vegetable garden in 2014. Since then, they've all been canned or frozen peas. They are sweet enough to be eaten raw. That was the biggest reason that I didn't have any for long-term storage. There weren't enough left.



Pic1: garden-fresh sweet peas
Pic2: peas in a pod, peas and pods
Pic3: raw sweet peas

b. canned sweet peas
c. sautéed sweet peas
d. sweet peas and onions

Canned sweet peas are already fully cooked. Supposedly, they can be eaten directly from the can without additional cooking. When I don't feel like cooking, I sometimes serve them like that (Pic4) Alternatively, I will add mayo and/or other vegetables for a cold mixed vegetable salad.

I sometimes sauté sweet peas in butter without adding anything else. (Pic5)

More often, I will start the dish with browning or sweating coarsely-chopped onions before adding the peas.  (Pic6)


Pic4: 2020-04-09 — canned sweet peas, no further cooking
Pic5:  2016-04-18 — sautéed sweet peas
Pic6: 2014-05-07 — sweet peas and onions

e. sweet peas salads

Add mayo and/or other ingredients for a delicious cold dish.

These 3 pictures were borrowed from the internet 

Pic7-9: sweet peas salads

f. sweet peas in mustard sauce

I often cook pork chops with peas & carrots and also with mustard. Sometimes the vegetables stay on the side, here the peas were mixed in with the  mustard.


Pic10-12: simmer in mustard

f. sweet peas in pepperjack cheese sauce

This is where I really discovered the possibilities of oil dough. I had too much broth in the peas when I added the cheese and it was too runny. Oil dough fixed that really good.

I assume this is how those hyper-processed 'cheese products' are made: they add oil and thickener until there's hardly anything cheese in there anymore.


Pic13+14: peas, broth, cheese,
Pic15: oil dough fixed it up all right

g. peas & carrots

many dates

Peas and carrots are a frequent combination, both are sweet separately and even sweeter together. I usually start the dish with coarsely-chopped onions.

See also: carrots & peas.


Pic16-18: garden-fresh peas, carrots, onions

3 dates, 3 dishes:

Pic19: 2014-02-21 — peas, carrots, corn, beans, bacon
Pic20: 2014-06-06 — peas, carrots, fried potatoes, pork chop with mustard
Pic21: 2019-07-12 — peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, chile colorado

2019-07-19: bell peppers & Brussels sprouts

Pic22-24: 2019-07-19 — peas, carrots, onions, bell peppers, Brussels sprouts