stir-fried mushrooms

various dates

It is possible to stir-fry mushrooms, but I don't do it very often, and then I still tend to go on to a stew by adding more liquid afterwards.

The big problem with stir-frying mushrooms is that they contain so much liquid. Mushrooms shrink a lot while being cooked and release up to half their volume in liquid = mushroom liquor. (Pic1-3)

Logical deduction: Do not wash mushrooms if you want to stir-fry them because they absorb a lot of water.

To get true stir-frying, the pan needs to be very hot; hot enough to make the mushrooms sizzle as soon as they touch the pan. Fry small enough batches that your stove can keep up to evaporate the liquor being produced.

When done right, the mushrooms remain dry and will turn dark-brown on the edges, a color change that is very easy to distinguish from the darkening that occurs with wet stewing.


2019-11-11: stewing

Pic1-3: mushrooms have a lot of liquid in them

2020-01-15 , 2020-01-23 

Pic4+5: this is stir-frying, nicely brown
Pic6: whole mushrooms are easier


other attempts

Pic7+9: a good start
Pic8: a bit wet


2018-09-11: a mixed stir-fry

Pic2: stir-fry mushrooms and bell peppers
Pic3: Add meat
Pic4: stir-fry more