mango with chile

2019-07-29 a.o.

This is a very popular item in Mexico with street vendors. They'll prepare it right in front of you, while you're looking on admiring their knife skills.


This is what you need for each serving:

  • fresh mango, diced
  • tajin pepper flakes
Pic1: mango with chile (tajin) — 2019-07-29




Pic2: red mango
Pic3+4: cut on both sides of the pit


Pic5: cross-cut
Pic6: turn
Pic7: slice, add chile

variations on a theme

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Pic2: mango con chile
PPic3: mangonadas  = frozen mango, mango sherbet/ice-cream, chile powder, chamoy and a tamarind stick
Pic4: coco chile limon


Pic5: sandia loca
Pic6: mixed fruits
Pic7: mango, jicama


Pic8: mango popsicles
PPic9: popsicles jamaica, fruit, chile powder
Pic10: oranges, tajin