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See also: raw soinach salads

a. growing lettuce at home

many dates

Lettuces are some of the easiest vegetables to start from seeds and grow at home. When I had a vegetable garden from 2013-2015 I grew several varieties of lettuce and endive.

After a tornado razed everything in 2013, I pretty much gave up on gardening and since then I've been limited to store-bought lettuces and lettuce mixtures.

in the backyard garden: (2013)

Pic1-3: sow close together and gradually thin to final distance

in raised garden beds: (2014)

Pic4-6: sow or plant heading lettuces at correct distances

in pots: (2015)

Pic7: seed starters in pots
Pic8+9: volunteers show up in the weirdest places

harvesting lettuces:

Pic10: 'buttercrunch' lettuce
Pic11: partially bleached radicchio heart
Pic12:  'red sails' lettuce


b. raw salads

many dates

Add whatever you like. I often use cheese, nuts, berries a.o. fruits.

Add salad dressing last of all. Green salads keep better when dry.


Pic13-15: with cheese, cabbage mix, papaya


Pic16-18: lettuce mix, baby bok choy, ham, cheese, strawberries, balsamic vinegar


Pic19: 'spring lettuce mix' with baby spinach
Pic20: grapes, avocado, tomato
Pic21: raisins, palm hearts, carrots, strawberries, 1000 Islands dressing