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Pic1: my 2014 leek patch, some 350 leek plats



leek soups, boiled leeks

many dates

  1. leek consommé & soup
  2. leek soup with cream #1
  3. leek soup with cream #2
  4. leek egg drop soup
  5. leek & potato soup x5
  6. frozen leek soup reheated
  7. leek soup like onion soup
  8. a very different leek soup (mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, ground meat)
  9. elephant garlic soup


sautéed leeks

various dates

I have done this many times, but don't seem to have pictures of it. Sautéed leeks have a butter-saucy look and flavor. They have a stronger taste than boiled leeks, because the flavor doesn't get dissolved in the soup.

3 internet pictures

Pic2: -4: sautéed leeks, different presentations

sauced leeks

various dates

Boil or sauté the leeks, as you prefer, and drain thoroughly before adding the sauce.

leek shepherd pie

2019-12-16 a.o.

See leek shepherd pie for recipe


Pic5: crescent or puff pastry dough, cooked ground meat
Pic6: layer 2: leek whites, cooked
Pic7: mashed potatoes


Pic8: cheese
Pic9: bake
Pic10: baked