leek consommé & soup

Growing leeks takes a lot of work. From seed to final location, they need to be replanted three or more times, each time deeper and more widely spaced. The last time, they are planted in a hole in a small ditch that is gradually filled in and then heaped up around the leek stem. That way, the leek gets a white stem that is longer than the green leaves.

Unfortunately, U.S. Big Ag does not do intensive culture very well. The leeks I see here in the U.S. barely have any white at all. The green leek leaves are tough and bitter. The white parts are tender and sweet. Use only a few green leaves for soup. The majority should be the white part of the stalks. It can’t be done easier than this. Clean, chop, and cook.


A. Leek consommé


Consommé is the clear liquid one obtains from cooking vegetables.


This is what you need for 4 servings:

  • 4 ft. leek whites
  • S&P
  • Optional
    • 1 qt. chicken stock
Pic1: leek consommé



Pic2: discard green leaves,
regrow the bottom part,
cut the white lengthwise to wash the sand away
Pic3: ready to go
Pic4: all done

B. Leek Soup


Use a stick blender to puree the leeks from Pic4.
Add whatever you like for different colors and flavors.


Pic5: creamed leek soup
Pic6: with tomatoes or red bell peppers ... .. or was it carrots? :-)