dry beans

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These are beans that are left on the vine to ripen completely. The dry pods are processed into animal fodder. Dry beans can be soaked to germinate before being cooked. Or you can plant them in your vegetable garden for another harvest.

It does not come much simpler than this. And yet, the outcome is both nutritious and delicious. The beans can be eaten as is, or crushed into a paste and refried for (New) Mexican bean dishes.

frigoles de olla + refried beans

2014-02-14 a.o.

Frijoles de olla (Sp. beans from the pot) are a staple food in Mexico. Many homes have an earthenware pot of beans on the stove all day long. It is one of the essential dishes in the Mexican kitchen that is served with almost every meal. You also have to do this before you make refried beans.

Cooking dry beans does take a bit of planning, because all beans (except lintels and split beans) need to be soaked overnight before cooking. Even then, it still takes some 3 hours before they are ready. I usually prepare this stovetop, but an overnight crockpot will do the job too.

Frijoles de olla aren't really soup. They are usually served as a side dish in Mexico. Of course, they can be served as a soup. I like the broth even more than the beans themselves. I'll even add extra water just to enjoy a good cup of bean broth.

Pinto beans are very popular for refried beans here in New Mexico, but this can be done with any bean you like. I prefer to use a 10 to 16-bean mix. Because the mix has white beans, the bean puree will be lighter of color than with pure pinto beans.


This is what you need for 8 servings:

  • 1 lb of your favorite dry beans
    or bean mix
  • salt


  • flavoring package or pork trimmings or pork bouillon
Pic1: olla con frigoles + refrying beans
internet picture
Pic2: frigoles de olla / bean soup with cheese
Pic3: beans with cheese

three bean mixes

Pic4-6: three bean mixes


Pic7: soak overnight / rinse
Pic8: cook the beans
Pic9: all done

day 0:

day 1:


Pic10: bean soup day 1, served
Pic11: bean starch
Pic12: refrigerate leftovers

day 2


Pic13: beans served with mixed sausages / ham
Pic14: beans served with cheese
Pic15: cheese added to the pot