orange pork gravy


This is an extension of the Orange Porcupine Roast recipe, but you can make gravy from any kind of steak, roast or stew, with the oranges optional. I often cook pork in orange juice. That broth is also very good for making orange gravy. The oranges make the sauce a bit sweet and slightly sour at the same time. The flour enhances the orange color.

Simmering meat in cream sauce may also be used to salvage a roast or stew that was left on the stove to burn. In that situation cut or scrape away anything charred and use very low heat and a lot more milk or cream. At the worst, it may ruin the sauce, but it might save the stew. If the sauce gets too bad, start a new béchamel sauce with plenty of cream to continue the process. That is easier, quicker and cheaper than starting a new roast. 


This is what you need for 1 quart:

  • orange drippings from a roast
  • water or orange juice
  • 2 tsp. of flour, dissolved in cold water
    or in 2 tbsp. oil = oil dough
  • heavy cream or ‘Fud’ sour cream
Pic1:  orange pork gravy



Pic2: cream
Pic3: orange pork gravy