Spam, the ultimate of mystery meat and unwanted things.
Yet, somehow the stuff is extremely popular in Hawaii.

I bought the jalapeƱo variety in the hope it would taste better than the 'original.' I tried it raw. Bwerk. I tried it pan-fried. Slightly less bad, but still Bwerk. I finally tossed it in a bowl of green pea soup. At least that masked the I-don't-know-what flavor enough that all I tasted was grease and salt.

No, thanks. Not for me anytime soon again.
Trouble is that much of the so-called 'ham' they sell these days is looking and tasting more and more like this stuff.


Ingredients unknown.

That's why they call it mystery meat.

Pic1: it's spam


Pic2: it looked like this
Pic3: then it looked like this
Pic4: and finally it looked like this

Spam on the internet

Predictable, but fun nevertheless. I'm so happy I could write this. :-)


Pic5+6: It's spam
Pic7: spam cubed