baby turkey with vegetable gouda stuffing


Did you know?
A baby turkey of less than 8 lbs. does not have the typical sharp turkey flavor. There’s a hint of it, but it is not nearly as strong as with adult birds. This is almost like a big chicken. I've had fryer chickens of 6+ lbs. This one was not much bigger really.

Marielos doesn’t like turkey because of that sharpness. She thought this little one tasted a lot better than the bigger birds. I’m never buying a big bird again.

Take note how very different the outcome .


This is what you need for 8+ servings:

  • 1 whole baby turkey, 8 lbs. or less
  • olive oil
  • S&P
  • spices


  • vegetable & gouda stuffing
Pic1: roasted baby turkey



Pic2: spices
Pic3: rub it
Pic4: stuff it


Pic5: cook it
Pic6: carve it not
Pic7: part it instead


Pic8: veggie & gouda stuffing
Pic9: drippings
Pic10: turkey stock

Serving suggestions: