braised turkey

with cornbread-celery stuffing and pomegranate-cranberry sauce

This was by far the best turkey I ever cooked; not that I’ve cooked very many. It was so tender it practically fell apart, very juicy, great flavor, quite different from oven-baked turkey. This was slow-cooked in a turkey 'roaster' oven, which really is only an oversize crockpot.

This is braising, moist cooking, I did not add any liquid, but by the time it was done, this bird was swimming. 


This is what you need for 10+ servings:

  • 1 turkey, 12+ lbs.
  • S&P, spices


  • stuffing
Pic1: braised turkey


Pic2: turkey, cornbread stuffing, sauce
Pic3: turkey wing

Serving suggestions: