cooking my sausages

Sausages are a comfort food for me, not something to go all fancy about. I like to keep things simple. I either boil, stew or pan-fry them, or give them a combination treatment.

I have experimented once with Deep-frying Sausages and abandoned that idea forever because I didn't care for the result. Baking and grilling are two possibilities that I haven't really explored for sausages.

To reduce the risk of food-borne diseases or parasites, I always cook sausages throughout, even the ones that claim to be fully cooked already.

With Italian-type sausages that have a lot of fat, it can take up to 30 minutes to get the center well done. That means I start over high heat to get some brown skin, then lower the heat and simmer quietly to give them time to cook without burning. I'll sometimes cut the sausage in shorter pieces, in thin slices or butterfly them lengthwise to speed things up.

Because they take such a long time to cook, my sausages often end up as a stew. I start out pan-frying and after 15 minutes or so, I add potatoes and/or vegetables and life goes on as a 1-skillet stew.

All sausages shown on this page—except for Pic2—started out as pan-fried, then moved on to being stewed. Still, it is possible to pan-fry, grill, roast those sausages too. I hardly ever do it, hence no pictures.


1. boil

Pic1 a: boiling wieners a.o. mystery meat sausages, 5-8 minutes - internet picture
Pic1 b: served with sauerkraut

2. stew:

optional: boil and/or pan-fry sliced sausage first


Pic2 a: optional: pan-frying sliced sausage, 10 minutes for thin slices - internet picture
Pic2 b: stewing kielbasa after pan-frying, 20 minutes after frying, served in sauerkraut

3. pan-fry - 3 methods:

1. whole sausages:

Pic3 a: pan-frying / stewing whole 30 minutes
Pic3 b: served whole

2. sausages halved lengthwise:

Pic4 a: pan-frying / stewing halved sausages 20 minutes
Pic4 b: served halved

3. sliced sausages:

Pic5 a: pan-frying / stewing sliced, 10 minutes - internet picture
Pic5 b: served sliced

4. grill, BBQ, roast:

Yes, it can be done. I rarely do it; still boil them before grilling them.


Pic6 a: before cooking
Pic6 b: after cooking
Pic6 c: grilled sausage served, rhubarb compote, creamed spinach


Pic7 a: cheddar jalapeno sausages, boudin on the grill
Pic7 b+c: served with applesauce