some of the sausages I've cooked

These are the different kinds of sausages I have cooked since 2013, some regularly, others only once. There are probably a few missing, I'll add them when I get reminded of them.

I will not go over my Sausage Cooking Methods again here. I've already done that elsewhere. Any sausage you see here can cooked by one of those methods, according to how you prefer them.

The second part of this page shows what I served with my sausages. Everything goes. You never have to cook exactly the same thing twice in your lifetime. I will not elaborate the recipes of each of these meals here either. Check the respective sausage or vegetable recipes for more details.


Pic1: andouille
Pic2: boudin
Pic3: white bratwurst


Pic4: brats, pink
Pic5: chorizo
Pic6: chicken sausages


Pic7: wieners, franks a.o. mystery meat sausages
Pic8: blood sausages
Pic9: breakfast sausage


Pic10: Italian sausages
Pic11: kielbasa
Pic12: smoked sausage, little links

a few of My sausage meals

I don't think I've ever done the same combination twice. Even with sauerkraut I used different sausages each time.


Pic13: peas & carrots, boiled potatoes
Pic14: peas & carrots, bacon
Pic15: mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes


Pic16: sugar snap peas, mushrooms
Pic17: pan-fried potatoes, spinach with papaya, cream
Pic18: pasta, refried beans


Pic19 potato fries, lettuce mix
Pic20: coleslaw, zucchinis
Pic21: bratwurst dog, cream, green chile


Pic22: smoked sausage
Pic23: kielbasa a.o. sausages
Pic24: smoked mini-links