chicken sausages

various dates

All chicken sausages I have seen appear to be made with mystery meat, similar to wieners and the like. The meat does not have any structure and flavor is either non-existent or artificial. The manufacturers add all kinds of things to remedy that and make it somewhat more palatable. Not my favorite kind of sausages, but that is my personal opinion.

Marielos likes wieners and this type of sausages, which means they do keep appearing on the menu.


Pic1: spinach & asiago chicken sausages
Pic2: three other chicken sausages

a. spinach & asiago chicken sausages

various dates

These sausages have a very strong smell which definitely is not spinach. Asiago is a strong-flavored—and apparently strong-smelling— cow's milk cheese originally made in northern Italy. The more I eat these, the more offensive this smell seems to become.



Pic3-5: spinach & asiago chicken sausages, boiled


Pic6-8: spinach & asiago chicken sausages, boiled and pan-fried

b. gouda & pear chicken sausages

various dates

A bit similar to cheddar brats, but with wiener-type mystery meat and about the same flavor.


Pic9: gouda & pear chicken sausages
Pic10: boiling gouda & pear chicken sausages
Pic11: the middle sausage was pan-fried

c. mozzarella & roasted garlic chicken sausages

various dates

My one and only experiment with deep-frying sausages. All the cheese had leaked out and the sausage was too dry to my liking. The pan-fried sausage did not have that problem, but was nevertheless not very palatable too. Chicken mystery meat sausages just are not my thing. See also deep-fried sausages.


Pic12+13: deep-fried gouda & pear chicken sausages
Pic14: left sausage = pan-fried, right = deep-fried and all cheese gone