blood sausages

All pictures on this page were borrowed from the internet.

Blood sausages are boiled right after they are made to make the blood paste congeal.

When I think blood sausage, I think of the smooth Belgian kind, (Pic1+2) preferably with raisins. Blood sausage is regrettably not available in Deming, NM. I have asked several times, none can even order it.

Once again, I am confronted with the disadvantage of living in small-town America. All I can do is look at pictures and drool …


Pic1: blood  sausages + white bratwurst
Pic2: blood sausage, sliced before frying.


Pic3: oven-baked with apples
Pic4: pan-fried whole


Pic5: sliced first, then pan-fried
Pic6: pan-fried first, then sliced in potato soup