skin-wrapped breast fillet


This is a bit similar to Blind Finches or Bacon-wrapped Chicken Legs, but I used the skin from around the duck’s neck. Cut the breast fillet so that the neck skin is still attached to the fillet.

The cooking method is the same as a thick steak: sear first, then reduce heat and simmer.

Don't forget that the fat in the skin is a very good heat insulator. At least double your normally expected cooking time. If necessary, use a spatula to flatten the meat somewhat.

Get at least 8-10 minutes of high heat on each side to render as much fat out of the skin as possible. Fried duck skin tastes good once that fat is gone.

This could probably be deep-fried for a very crisp skin, without ever overcooking the meat inside.


This is what you need for per servings:

  • ½ lb. duck breast
  • enough duck skin to wrap it
    the neck skin should be able to hold it
  • S&P, paprika, curry
  • toothpicks
Pic1: skin-wrapped duck breast, potato croquettes, pomegranate-cranberry sauce


Pic2: skin-wrapped breast fillet
Pic3: pan-fried
Pic4: perhaps a few minutes longer

I served this with Potato Croquettes and Pomegranate Cranberry Sauce.