potato croquettes

2016-12-01 a.o.

Nicely crisp outside with steaming potatoes inside, potato croquettes are such a festive dish and a frequent guest at formal occasions. Making good croquettes takes time. That’s why I make a lot at one time, to freeze them for later use.


The potatoes for croquettes should be dry.
Too much moisture in the potatoes will cause them to burst during deep-frying. (Pic9)


This is what you need for 50 croquettes:

  • 5 lb. potatoes, peeled, cut small
  • water
  • 5 large eggs
  • S&P
  • nutmeg
  • flour
  • 2 cups bread crumbs


  •  turmeric
Pic1: potato croquettes



Pic2: drying the mashed potatoes
Pic3: mille-croquettes machine


Pic4: roll in flour
Pic5: haul through egg whites
Pic6: roll in bread crumbs




Pic7: almost done
Pic8: freezing croquettes
Pic9: vacuum-sealed

For long-term storage:




Pic10: deep-frying
Pic11: deep-fried, perfect
Pic12: burst croquettes = wet potatoes