chicken soup vs. soup chicken

various dates

So you made that soup, now you need to do something with that soup-chicken. These pages show what I did with some of them. You can serve soup-chicken with whatever you want. I will often serve the soup-vegetables right there with that chicken, but something extra is not unthinkable.

Since mid-2019 I no longer cook these chicken legs to death. I have been removing them from the soup after about 15-20 minutes simmering and finishing them by pan-frying or oven-roasting. That gives them a lot more flavor than boiling alone. See: roasted soup-chicken.

Now why didn't I think about this before?



Pic1: the chicken soup
Pic2: the soup-chicken, soup-veggies, tater tots



Pic3:  the chicken soup
Pic4: the chicken soup with soup-chicken



Pic5: the chicken soup
Pic6: the chicken soup with soup-chicken



Pic7: not quite chicken soup
Pic8: not quite soup-chicken soup