roast beef as a meal


a. stovetop roast beef with aioli, pan-fried potatoes


Again a small top-round roast cooked stovetop. This one is one of the few such that were served as a main meal. I served this one with no-egg aioli and pan-fried potatoes. 

Refrigerate leftovers.



Pic5: small stovetop roast
Pic6: rest, slice
Pic7: nice and evenly reddish pink


Pic5: sliced
Pic6: served with aioli ...
Pic7: ... and pan-fried potatoes

b. refried roast beef

This roast was already cooked. Instead of warming up the entire roast again, I cut off a steak and refried this like a regular steak. Because the inside was already cooked, all it really needed was a brief searing on both sides. Don't overdo it unless you like shoe-leather steaks.


Pic8: refry roast beef like a thin steak
Pic9: turned
Pic10: served

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c. roast beef, served cold

We have those roast beef leftovers in the fridge. It is quite delicious cold too.



Pic11-13: cold roast beef