Head cheese Provençal


When I made Head Cheese Madeira, I liked it OK when it was warm, but not so much when cold. I remedied this by tweaking the recipe for a more intense tomato flavor. I also used veal tongue as the only meat and added more mushrooms to the sauce. That fixed the problem. I liked this better both warm and cold.


This is what you need for 8 servings:

  • 2 lbs. ox feet
  • 1 veal tongue 2 lbs., cooked, sliced
  • 1 lb. veal brisket, cooked
  • 1.5 qt. Provençal sauce
  • 1 lb. button mushrooms
  • for garnish
    • hard-boiled eggs
    • pickles 
Pic1: head cheese Provençal



Pic2: I cooked beef tongue the previous day
Pic3: ox feet tomato soup
Pic4: all done