soup meat

various dates

I've made the soups. I ate the soups. But what about the meat that made these soups so great?

I combine soup meat with stronger flavors to disguise the sad reality that the meat has given up most of its flavor to the soup.  This is what I did with them.

Since mid-2019 I started cooking oxtail in a small saucepan instead of a large volume of soup. The meat tastes better, but I'm missing out on 10 quarts of delicious soup. Which would you rather do?

This page only shows how I served up the soup meat.
For the original soup recipes, see
Part 1 - Soups.
For Beef tongue a.o. offal recipes, see under that header.


Pic1: beef shank
Pic2: oxtail

The soup & the soup meat


Pic3: beef shank, lettuces a.o. veggies
Pic4: served au naturel with boiled lettuce


Pic3: beef shank, onions & celery
Pic4: beef shank au Proven├žal , an entirely different sauce


Pic3: oxtail, mixed vegetables
Pic4: oxtail served au naturel with mustard


Pic3: oxtail, many vegetables
Pic4: oxtail served with Stoemp