Raw Oyster Juice

2016-08-14 a.o.

Would you buy a little 4-oz. jar of clam juice for $5, when you can make a quart for less than $8? I guarantee you that the quart you make will taste a lot stronger than the little jar and you get to eat those oysters too!

These shucked Willapoint oysters are the only oysters I can get here in Deming, NM. Fresh ones, I would need to have overnighted UPS or FedEx, and I'm not that much of a fan.

Food safety warning:
Eating raw seafood puts you at risk for parasites and other diseases. Even if you don't intend to consume the oyster juice, this cleansing reduces the chance of foodborne diseases because it flushes out the liquid the oysters have been sitting in. Place both containers on ice while doing this and cook this oyster juice before storing or consuming it. After rinsing like this, I still marinate the oysters in lime juice for at least 30 minutes to further reduce the risk of foodborne disease, and it make them taste good too. :-)


This is what you need for 4 cups:

  1. 1 jar shucked Willapoint oysters
  2. sieve
  3. 2 saucepans
  4. 2 wider containers with ice.
Pic1: shucked Willapoint oysters are huge
Pic1 borrowed from the internet



Pic2: even the 3rd rinse still clouds the liquid.
Pic3: marinating the rinsed oysters with lime juice and veggies ( = ceviche)