Only to He Who Overcomes.    Only to he who overcomes - ORIGINAL chording for guitar.doc

Lyrics: Sharon Rutherford 03-28-1990  Music: Geert Cuypers

I didnít give my Spirit to you,
So you could just sit there on that pew.
Youíve gotta get up, youíve gotta go on,
There are battles to be won.
2. The promises I give, I give to he,
Only to he who overcomes.
Those of you who overcome
Shall be clothed with Me in white.

I will confess you to My Father,
You will be in My book of life.
He who holds fast, who overcomes,
I will make into the temple of the Lord.


1. Only to he who overcomes
Will I give the crown of life.
Only he who overcomes
Will eat from the tree of life.

To he who overcomes
And keeps My work until the end
I will give power to rule
He shall receive the Morning Star.



3. Only he who overcomes
Will sit with Me upon My throne.
I too had to overcome
Before My work was through.   

He who has an ear
Let him learn to hear,
What the Spirit of the Lord
Says through His Living Word:




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Music by Geert Cuypers

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Stephen McManus

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