A root vegetable that is very popular in Europe.

a. growing turnips at home


Turnips are cool-weather plants that can be grown the same way as radishes, but thinned at greater distances of course for the greater diameter of the root bulb.




internet pictures

Pic1: turnip seedlings
Pic2: immature turnips
Pic3: mature turnips

internet pictures

Pic4: turnip greens
Pic5: container planting
Pic6: turnip microgreens

b. boiled turnips

2019-10-28 a.o.

I often add a few turnips to mixed vegetable winter soups where they add a distinct flavor without overpowering too much.

Turnips can be washed and boiled without peeling them. The peel will come off very easily after cooking.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  •  2-4 medium-sized turnips
Pic7: 2019-10-28 —boiled turnips with cranberry sauce