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Tomatoes are popular fruits worldwide, especially for soups and sauces, but are also often eaten raw or cooked as a side dish as well.

Indeterminate = vining tomato varieties that grow tall and need to be led on a trellis. The multitude of suckers should be pruned back to get the biggest tomatoes. Otherwise they produce many smaller tomatoes. They require more work, but give much better results. If they can be kept indoors in winter, these tomato plants can become tree-like.

Determinate = bushy tomato varieties that do not need to be supported. I have not had any success with those.

a. growing tomatoes at home


Tomatoes are tender perennial plants that are grown as annuals in more temperate regions. Tomatoes die at first freeze. Tomatoes are by far the most popular home-grown fruits / vegetables. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of tomato varieties, which means there is a tomato for every region.

Commercial growers select varieties for round shape, tough skin and long shelf life instead of flavor. That is why store-bought tomatoes taste bland compared to heirloom tomatoes.

Heirloom tomatoes are those older varieties that have been around for decades. Home-gardeners prefer heirloom tomatoes because they have been selected for flavor first. Many tomato varieties have trouble setting fruit during the hottest Summer months. There are a few heat-tolerant varieties, but grape tomatoes are the only tomatoes that I've seen in abundant fruit throughout the Summer.

In contrast to tomatoes, tomatillos prefer the Summer heat and require a long hot growing season it to procuce abundant fruits. 




This is what you need:

  •  tomato seeds
  • tomato plants
  • tomato cuttings
Pic1: my 2018 harvest


2013 experiment

Pic2-4: hanging tomatoes


2013 1st year outside garden

Pic5: 2013-09-10 — ne row of tomatoes
Pic6: 2013-09-30 — medium-sized tomatoes
Pic7: 2013-10-14 — my 2013 final harvest


2014: 2nd year outside garden

Pic8: 2014-07-09
Pic9+10: 2014-09-24


2014: bumper crop

Pic11: 2014-11-05 — final harvest grape tomatoes
Pic12: 2014-11-05 — final harvest larger tomatoes.


tomato cuttings

Pic14+15: tomato cuttings in water
Pic16: tomatoes a.o. cuttings / seedlings


3 methods

Pic17: 2014-06-10 — container tomato
Pic18: 2017-05-28 — hog fence trellis
Pic19: 2017-06-02 — tomato cage


2018 walled raised bed garden

Pic20: 2018-07-29 — tomato on the vine
Pic21: 2018-08-16 — black tomato variety and larger red varieties
Pic22: getting ready for the next growing season — internet picture