tomato sandwich

For reference only

For lack of better, I have had to make do with store-bought tomatoes since 2019, but this is where homegrown heirloom tomatoes really shine.

Raw tomatoes are one of those vegetables that are often there but rarely noticed. I had very few pictures listed under 'raw tomatoes' but when I started searching, I found quite a few.

a. tomato sandwich

Preferably use beefsteak heirloom tomatoes for this, where a single slice will fill up your sandwich.




Pic4-6: crab salad, tomatoes



Pic7-9: lettuce, tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, egg salad



Pic10-12: prosciutto, heirloom tomato, spinach, mayo



Pic13-15: mayo, tomato, roast beef


3 more tomato sandwiches

Pic16: 2014-09-06 — mayo, tomato, cheese
Pic17: 2016-01-07 — salmon spread, mayo
Pic18: 2017-10-26 — mayo, ham, cherokee purple tomato

b. tomato sandwich as a side dish

No comment. The pictures tell the story.


Pic34-36: heirloom tomatoes, Hass avocadoes, asparagus from a can


Pic37+38: add mayo, wrap with ham / prosciutto
Pic39: served with London broil steak and avocado