raw tomatoes

For reference only

For lack of better, I have had to make do with store-bought tomatoes since 2019, but this is where homegrown heirloom tomatoes really shine.

Raw tomatoes are one of those vegetables that are often there but rarely noticed. I had very few pictures listed under 'raw tomatoes' but when I started searching, I found quite a few.

a. tomato snacks

Tomatoes for the tomatoes sake.


slices and salt

Pic1: slice
Pic2: salt
Pic3: red and green tomatoes

b. tomato salad

A small step beyond the snack tomato, This is often served as with a salad before the meal or as a side dish with the meal.



Pic4: medium-sized round tomato
Pic5: cut coarsely
Pic6: with balsamic vinaigrette