Radishes are most often served raw, as a snack, side dish, or mixed in salads.

a. growing radishes at home

2013 to date

Radishes are probably the easiest and fasted crop in the home vegetable garden.

Keep the soil consistently moist for mild radishes. Outdoors culture with dry periods will stress the radishes and make them taste a lot sharper and spicier.



This is what you need:

  • radish seeds
  • dirt
  • water
Pic1: several radish varieties



Pic2+3: radishes in my 2014 vegetable garden
Pic4: internet picture


indoors in pots

Pic5-7: internet pictures

b. raw radish salads

Prepare radishes raw for the best original flavor.

radish salads

Pic8-10: internet pictures

c. cooked radishes

Cooking radishes tends to reduce the spiciness. Especially boiling makes them rather bland.

boiled radishes

Pic11+12: boiled radishes
Pic13: boiled daikon radishes — internet picture


sautéed radishes

Pic14-16: internet pictures