deep-fried potatoes

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A favorite in fast food restaurants, but easy to make at home.

a. Belgian fries

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Belgian fries are generally slightly thicker-cut than the American 'French' fries. Most importantly, they are fried twice—1st time at 350 ºF, the 2nd time at 380-400 ºF— with a cooling period in between. The result is fries that are crisp on the outside but soft and steaming hot on the inside.

Baking the same fries in a single stretch will make the inside much drier.

Use a deep-frying oil with high smoking point. I will not use corn oil for fries. I don't like the smell when it is heated. I like beef tallow best for fries, but Marielos doesn't care too much for that. I prefer grape seed or peanut oil for vegetable oils. 


This is what you need:

  • large potatoes
  • deep-frying oil


  • fry-cutter with wide grid.
Pic1: fries

making fries at home


Pic2: heavy-duty fry-cutter
Pic3: my 2-quart deep-fryer
Pic4: keep dreaming — internet picture   :-)


with a larger deep-fryer


Pic5-7: a larger deep-fryer

This is how Belgian vendors serve them:

Pic8-10: vendor fries


fries with Flemish beef stew

Pic11: Flemish culinary heritage - internet picture
Pic12: as sold by street vendors - internet picture
Pic13: mine



2020-04-08, shown with crinkle fries

Pic14-16: 1st bake + cooling


Pic17-19: 2nd bake

b. crinkle fries

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I haven't bought potatoes as often since 2019, just don't eat that many anymore.

And for fries, I now buy 5-lb. bags of crinkle fries. I find they brown better than the straight-cut fries. But I still use the double-shift frying method as shown above.

3 different dates

Pic20-22: crinkle fries with Flemish beef stew


2020-04-08: with cheese

Pic23-25: crinkle fries with cheese

c. Spanish-fried potato fries

2020-03-31 a.o.

This is how Marielos makes her fries when she gets a craving. She cuts them by hand, much finer than I care for and Spanish-fries them stovetop in a frying pan with about 3/4" of oil.

The good thing about this method is that it uses a lot less oil than a deep-fryer.

On the other hand, I don't care very much for these 'shoe-string' fries. When fried until brown, they are completely dried out inside. I prefer my fries with soft, steaming potato inside.


Pic26-28: Spanish-frying potatoes

d. deep-fried quartered potatoes


Kitcheneering experiment # 238. Not a great success.

As already stated above, potatoes should be parboiled at least 5 minutes before deep-frying them, so they can absorb salt during the cooking. The potatoes should not be boiled to the point they turn to flour when tossed. (Pic34) Keep them firm, that you don't contaminate the frying oil too much.

These pieces are considerably thicker than potato fries and when started raw require longer cooking times than fry-cut potatoes. The center of the potatoes still taste saltless  because it cannot be absorbed.  Also, unlike fry-cut potatoes, the larger pieces do not come floating at the surface when done, so it may be a bit more difficult to determine when they are done.



Pic29-31: first pass 5 minutes


Pic32+33: second pass, 6-8 minutes
Pic34: boiled potatoes vs. deep-fried potatoes