2019-11-11 a.o.

I occasionally buy fresh pineapple.
Not very often, because they often turn out to be quite sour even when fully ripened.


This is what you will need:

  • 1 pineapple
  • a sharp knife
  • sugar / sucralose
Pic1: fresh pineapple



Pic2: cut off top and bottom
Pic3: cut off the peel
Pic4: remove the eyes


Pic5: slice
Pic6: core
Pic7: add sugar / sucralose

Growing a pineapple at home


Growing a pineapple plant at home is not difficult at all, especially not if you're already familiar with bromeliads. Keep in mind that pineapples require a lot of sun and that a fully-developed pineapple plant is quite big, easily 5 ft. or more across. To get there, you'd have to keep it in the ground or in a very large pot. Mine is over 6 years old and still quite small, because I choose to keep it in a small pot.

  1. Look for a pineapple with a nice healthy crown with young green leaves in the center.
    If the center of the crown looks rotten or wilted, do not buy. It won't grow.
  2. Cut or wring the crown off the pineapple. (Pic8)
    This should be fairly easy.
  3. Peel back the lower leaves to expose about 1" of the central stem. You'll likely already see some little root bumps there. Leaving the lower leaves will make it harder for them to develop.
  4. Place the crown on top of a glass of water with the bottom touching the water.
  5. Alternatively, place it on some well-draining soil. Keep the soil lightly moist.
    Not wet, or the crown will rot away.
  6. Within a few days, the roots will start to develop. (Pic9)
    After 2 weeks, the roots should be getting longer.
  7. After a few weeks, the existing leaves will start getting longer and new leaves will appear.
  8. A pineapple plant can remain on water for up to a year, as long as the water is kept clean.
  9. When you're ready for it, plant in a larger pot with fertile well-draining soil.
  10. A well-kept pineapple can bear fruit in the 2nd year.


Pic8: cut / break off the crown
Pic9: beginning roots — 2013-07-04
Pic10: the same pineapple plant — 2019-10-10