a. growing okra at home


It is quite easy and the plant has beautiful flowers that show it's a close cousin of hibiscus. Plant it in a pot or even in the flower garden if you don't have a vegetable garden. You will mnot be disappointed.


This is what you need

  • okra seeds
  • a sunny spot in your garden
Pic1: okra flower
Pic2-4: okra in my 2014 vegetable garden


okra in the kitchen

I know for sure that I have used okra in several recipes, cannot find any pictures right now.  I've grown it in my vegetable garden, but I've also bought it in the frozen vegetable department where it is already pre-cut like in Pic6.

I have borrowed a few pictures from the internet for your inspiration:


Pic5-7: sautéed + deep-fried okra


Pic8-10: okra with tomatoes