I use mushrooms quite often in my kitchen, despite the fact that there isn't always a good supply. For really nice ones, we had to go all the way to the Las Cruces, NM Sam's Club or Sprouts. The local walmart has started carrying better quality white button mushrooms since 2019 than I was used to seeing from them.

a. growing mushrooms at home

Growing mushrooms at home is quite easy if you don't care what comes up. All you have to do it water excessively for a while. Working horse manure in the ground is sure to help because it seems that is infested with mushroom mycelium. I have no idea if they are edible.

If you want a decent crop of a specific variety, the mushroom mycelium of several mushroom varieties can be purchased online.  A straw bale in a shaded area is enough for oyster mushrooms. Other mushrooms might require very specific temperature, humidity and light conditions.

The pictures below were taken after several days of sustained rains.


Pic1-3: mushrooms in my garden


Pic4-6: mushrooms in my garden

b. store availability of mushrooms

1. white Button mushrooms

Pic1: champignons de Paris
Pic2: stewed
Pic3: blended with cream.

2. Portobello mushrooms


Pic4: Portobello mushroom gills
Pic5: scraping
Pic6: scraped

3. other mushrooms