baked mushrooms

many dates

This is one of the more frequent visitors in my kitchen. I often bake or microwave mushrooms for appetizer-sized snacks, and almost always with cheese. Boursin 'fines herbes'  is my favorite for this, but I do occasionally add or use other cheeses.

Do try to find your Goldilocks cooking time: enough to cook the mushrooms without drying them out.


This is what you need for each serving:



a. baked button mushrooms

various dates

These can be white button mushrooms, or baby portobellos. I do like extra butter for these smaller mushrooms to prevent them from drying out while cooking.


2015-12-03: Boursin, dry celery, grated melting cheese

Pic1-3: Boursin, dry celery, grated melting cheese

2016-01-29: Boursin, butter, pepper, dried parsley

Pic4: ingredients
Pic5+6: mix it all together


Pic7-9: stuff, bake, serve

2016-10-29: Boursin, butter

Pic10-12: stuff, bake, serve

2020-05-29: Boursin with ham

Pic13-15: then do this

b. baked Portobello mushrooms

various dates

Just one of the larger Portobello mushrooms can be a complete meal for some.

Scraping the gills away:

Pic13: Portobello mushroom gills
Pic14: scraping
Pic15: scraped

2017-12-18: Boursin only

Pic16-18: stuff, bake, serve

2019-09-29: no Boursin, melting cheese mix, cream cheese

Pic19: scrape gills
Pic20: melting cheeses
Pic21: cream cheese


Pic22+23: baked, but the cream cheese does not melt
Pic24: mix it all together


Pic25: all mixed
Pic26+27: served with bread