hibiscus / jamaica

2019-06-28 a.o.

Hibiscus flowers are edible and are sometimes used as garnish. The most popular use however is hibiscus tea, aka jamaica. This is a wonderful drink that can be made fresh from the dried flowers like a regular tea or sun-tea. It is also available as syrup or instant powder mix, but those have imo way too much sugar to be enjoyable.

Hibiscus tea without any additives is slightly bitter, which is why most people add sweetener. Use as little as you feel you can get away with. Sugar water isn't very refreshing.


This is what you need:

  • fresh or dried hibiscus flowers
  • sweetener to taste
Pic1: dried hibiscus flowers
internet picture



hibiscus / jamaica on the internet


Pic2: hibiscus flower
Pic3: dried flowers
Pic4: variations


Pic5: making jamaica