ginger / turmeric

Ginger and turmeric are closely-related tropical perennials. They are grown for the rhizomes which are used as spice and in folk medicine. I've been able to grow them here in the New Mexico desert for several years, but I can't really claim they are thriving.

Fresh ginger and turmeric roots can be shaved into various dishes and drinks. The fresh ginger root tastes a lot sharper than powdered ginger.

Candied ginger / turmeric
Ginger and turmeric can be soaked in a sugar solution and dried into candied ginger/turmeric. (Pic1) I have purchased candied ginger, have not made it myself.

Ginger and turmeric are both principal ingredients for curries, ginger giving it a sharp spiciness, and turmeric its yellow color. I use powdered ginger and turmeric to flavor meat and rice dishes. I sometimes use turmeric as a substitute for saffron in paella.


This is what you need:

  • healthy ginger / turmeric roots
  • good well-draining potting soil
  • large container (15" or more)
Pic1: candied ginger root



Pic2: orange = turmeric, creamy-white = ginger
Pic3: ginger plants
Pic4: sprouting turmeric