a. fruit basket

We always (try to) have a fruit basket at hand with fresh fruits, preferably to be eaten raw.

That basket often has considerable overflow, and that 'to be eaten raw' doesn't always work out in a reasonable time. Some of these fruits may end up in the cooking pot if I catch them starting to go bad in time, or in the trash can if I don't.




Pic1: 2019-11-18 — apples, pears, limes, oranges
Pic2: 2014-05-28 — apples, grapefruit, banana, plantains, pineapple, prickly pear cactus fruit
Pic3: a tropical fruit basket — internet picture


Pic4: navel oranges
Pic5: grapefruit, orange, blood orange, lime
Pic6: apples, pear, avocados, limes,

b. and much more ...


Pic7-9: melons and more melons



Pic10-12: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew



Pic13-15: figs, yellow watermelon, papaya



Pic16+17: strawberries
Pic18: pineapple



Pic19: 2 melons, 2 grapes, strawberries
Pic20: pineapple & papaya
Pic21: pineapple, raisins, carrots, yoghurt


Pic22-24: with hot chile powder


Pic25-27: gelatin desserts


Pic28+29: with ice-cream
Pic30: tart


Pic31+32: with green salads
Pic33: nutella & bananas