sautéed /braised endive


I had to drive 60 miles to Las Cruces to get them, but I got them! An entire case of 10 lbs. witloof, aka Belgian endive, beautiful quality too.  Guess what was the first thing I did when I got home? Braised witloof.

And what is that Mexican soda doing there, you wonder? Witloof can be quite bitter. This is a soda that tastes remarkably like sangria wine.  I braised the endive in it and some balsamic vinegar. Sweet & sour together. That sauce was remarkably good. Red wine or a sweet beer would work too, but the extra liquid is optional.

While this is quite good, it is NOT why I bought 10 lbs. The real masterpiece is still ahead: endive ham rolls, and together with that one its stovetop cousin, endive with ham & cheese béchamel sauce for the freezer. I'll make some witloof soup too of course, and I'll think up something else to do with it


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2-4 endive heads
  • S&P
  • butter / olive oil


  • 1 cup sangria señorial
    OR red wine/ sweet dark table beer
Pic1: sangria-braised witloof
better cut away the bitter core



Pic2: halve, cut core
Pic3: melt butter
Pic4: sauté


Pic5: turn over
Pic6: sangria señorial (or use real sangria wine)
Pic7: braise