2016-11-11 a.o.

Dates are a wonderful food. They're not something I can grow here in the NM desert, the date palm is not winterhardy. But they're readily available in stores year-round.

Fresh dates can be kept on the kitchen counter for months without spoiling. They'll shrivel some, but they never seem to go bad. And if you push the seeds into a flower pot, you might even grow a date palm at home!


Pic1: fresh dates
Pic2: some 3 months later


This is what you need for 2 cups:

  • fresh dates
  • chopped almonds



Pic3: almond date rolls
Pic4: date paste + chopped almonds

growing a date palm tree at home

This is the last one

For this, you need fresh dates, not the sugar-candied ones. When you eat the dates, save the seeds that are inside.

Wash the seeds, dry them for a few days on the kitchen counter, then stick them in any flowerpot in the house. Water that pot as usual, and otherwise ignore the seeds you put in there. With some luck, you'll see the narrow grass-like first leaves coming up a few weeks to months later. 


Pic5: date seed
Pic6: young date palm tree