Spanish-fried tortillas

2019-11-20 a.o.

Deep-frying tortillas makes them very crisp. If the tortillas are fresh and have some baking soda in them, they may even fluff up a bit. I don't make this very often, only when I need some for a tortilla soup and/or sopa de lima. These are not something I'd care to eat a whole lot of.

BEWARE: do not walk away while doing this. The tortillas turn color very quickly and leaving them too long will carbonize them.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2 tortillas, corn / flour
  • oil
  • salt,


  • paprika, hot pepper powder
Pic1: deep-fried tortillas



Pic2: slice
Pic3: fry
Pic4: served in sopa de lima