cheddar nacho chips

2020-03-30 a.o.

This is something that is often served in restaurants as an appetizer, although they'll probably serve it with ground beef instead of ham.

The canned cheddar cheese is a modified cheese with water, oil and stabilizers added. It is possible to make cheddar sauce at home starting with a block of sharp cheddar cheese and a very thick b├ęchamel sauce. The can is so much more convenient and it has just the right amount of cheese for 2 generous portions.  


This is what you need for each serving:

  • 1-2 cups corn tortilla chips
  • nacho cheddar cheese
  • nacho jalapenos


  • chopped ham, cooked ground beef
Pic1: cheddar nacho chips with ham



Pic2-4: nacho cheddar cheese sauce from a can


Pic5: corn tortilla chips, nacho jalapenos
Pic6: add cheese
Pic7: add ham