The carrot (Daucus carota subsp. sativus) is a root vegetable, usually orange in color, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist. They are a domesticated form of the wild carrot, Daucus carota, native to Europe and Southwestern Asia. The plant probably originated in Persia and was originally cultivated for its leaves and seeds. The most commonly eaten part of the plant is the taproot, although the stems and leaves are eaten as well. The domestic carrot has been selectively bred for its greatly enlarged, more palatable, less woody-textured taproot.

The carrot is a biennial plant. At first, it grows a rosette of leaves while building up the enlarged taproot. Fast-growing cultivars mature within three months (90 days) of sowing the seed, while slower-maturing cultivars need a month longer (120 days).


Carrots are nice. Although they might not look as nice, heirloom homegrown carrots taste so much better, with a more pronounced flavor that is only found in garden-fresh carrots. They are quite easy to cook. Just stew them with some onions, or toss them in with a pot roast or stew. Creamed carrots taste even more intense.  

Carrots are easy to grow. Here in the desert they are cold-season plants. They do best from late summer to early Spring. Summer heat can make chewy or them bolt. They need to be grown in finely divided soil that is kept moist so the root can go straight down. Dry or hard-caked soil will make them branched and gnarly. With a harvest time of 3-4 months, they do require some waiting for, but you can harvest the little ones that need to bee thinned anyway from 6-8 weeks on.

I prefer the small to mid-size carrots that don't take as long to grow and don't have too much of a core like the bigger carrots. Homegrown heirloom carrots taste so much better than the store-bought varieties that are selected for uniform size instead of taste.


This is what you need:

  • carrot seeds
  • well-tilled soil
Pic1: carrot colors — internet picture


homegrown carrots


Pic2: 2013-08-11
Pic3: 2015-06-11
Pic4: 2015-06-11

raw carrot dishes

various dates

Raw carrots are often used in salads, either alone or mixed with other vegetables.

Carrots with apples are a frequent mix (Pic6) although I prefer this as a shredded mix instead of sliced. Do be sure to add some lime juice to prevent the apples from going brown.

It takes a kitchen gadget called a spiralizer to cut carrots in noodle-like strings. The smaller ones look like an oversize pencil sharpener. Some of the larger ones are multifunction devices with different blades for different shapes.

Coleslaw often has shredded carrots in it. Just like cabbages can be fermented into Sauerkraut, carrots can similarly be fermented, either alone or in a mix with other vegetables.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 1/2 lb. carrots, peeled


  • lime juice
  • S&P
  • other raw fruits / vegetables
Pic5: grated / shredded carrots
internet picture



Pic6: carrots, apples, sliced
Pic7: noodle-cut carrots
Pic8: coleslaw mix