Asparagus beans


Asparagus beans aka yard-long beans are one of the few beans that thrive in the desert heat without having to be irrigated like crazy. 

Asparagus beans are grown for the pods. The beans do indeed get close to 3 ft. long, but are better harvested young when about 1 ft. length. (Pic5) When they get longer than that, the pod starts swelling and gets spongy, is no longer palatable. I do let a few of those beans grow out completely to get seed for next season's planting. (Pic7)

I have prepared these beans fresh from the garden, but I have also canned some. (Pic6) I prepare them just like regular garden beans, i.e. with onions and vinegar.


This is what you need:

  • asparagus bean seeds
  • yard, trellis


Pic1: asparagus bean seeds



Pic2: trellis with asparagus beans — 2014-10-20
Pic3: flower — 2014-09-13
Pic4: young and old — 2017-11-15


Pic5: washing the beans — 2014-09-25
Pic6: canned asparagus beans — 2014-10-13
Pic7: collecting seeds for next season's planting — 2017-09-09