banana + chocolate

various dates

This combination is culinary heaven.

A. banana nutella croissant


A breakfast for gods. Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread and banana make a wonderful combination. Add to that a beautiful butter croissant and you'll feel in heaven, for a little while at least. 


Pic1: banana nutella croissant, open
Pic2: banana nutella croissant, closed

B. banana nutella crepes


Alternatively, make that a Belgian pancake or French crepe with the same combination. Still heavenly scrumptious. Optionally pan-fry sliced banana to caramelize it a bit. Best add the chocolate in your plate, or the frying pan will become a huge chocolate mess.


Pic3: pancake folded
Pic4: pancake served
Pic5: with nutella and banana

C. banana split

1 scoop each of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate ice cream served between a split banana, with (lots of?) chocolate sauce on top and optional extras.


Pic5: classic banana split
Pic3: with fried banana
Pic4: with crepes