Fennel velouté

The 'mother' sauce is chicken velouté. I don't think I've ever specifically made chicken velouté. But I have made other velouté sauces. Apart from the preparation to get he stock, the method remains the same.

This anise sauce is made with concentrated fennel extract. I boil fennel stalks and fronds—which are otherwise inedible—blend and strain them to get the essence of fennel. That is the stock I use to make this green velouté sauce. (see also Fennel Soup recipe) The fennel preparation (Pic2-5) takes about 1 hour;  the sauce about 30 minutes.

This was made with home-grown fennel. The bulbs are much smaller than store-bought, but the bulb leaves are quite good to eat. The greens are used to make the broth for the sauce or soup.  

If you have a batch of béchamel sauce in your refrigerator, simmer fennel stalks in the sauce or add some fennel juice for a less intense flavor.


This is what you need for 4 servings:

  • 4 lbs. of fennel plants 1 tbsp. olive oil/butter 1 tbsp. flour 1 cup mild gooey-melting cheese (e,g, quesadilla, asadero, Swiss) S&P
Pic1: Fennel velouté


making fennel stock

See also: fennel soup. This is the same method.  


Pic2: clean and cut fennel stalks
Pic3: steam until the white parts are soft
Pic4: blend the woody stems


Pic5: pass through a fine-opening foodmill
Pic6: strain
Pic7: simmer edible stalks / bulbs in the green fennel stock.


making the sauce

This is the standard method for making velouté sauce.


Pic8+9: make a roux
Pic10: add fennel juice


Pic11: add cheese
Pic12: keep the edible fennel warm in the sauce until needed.
Pic13: served