mushrooms with cheeses

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Large button mushrooms and platter-sized portobellos. 

Mushrooms with cheese are a wonderful snack, quick to prepare, longer to enjoy. As you can see below, you are not limited to one specific cheese. Any cheese that melts when heated will do. Gooey is not required, just an extra benefit.

Boursin is a cream cheese, not a very good melting cheese. It bubbles and softens, but doesn't run. It stays put where you put it. That is a good thing for this. It does taste very good though, a lot better than regular cream cheese; which is why I prefer this one over all the others.

If you want gooey, sprinkle grated cheese on top of everything, and/or stick a piece of a gooey-melting cheese in the center, e.g. gruyere. (Pic2) The cheese will become the sauce when heated.  

A. button mushrooms

This can be done with the white and brown button mushrooms. Unlike the white button mushrooms, baby Portobello mushrooms should be washed. Their body is a lot denser, doesn't rub as easily, or soak up as much liquor as the button mushrooms. Portobello mushrooms have a stronger flavor and firmer flesh.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 1 dz. large button mushrooms
  • boursin cheese
  • parsley
  • gruyere, grated
Pic1: stuffed mushrooms




Pic2: stuffed
Pic3: parsleyed
Pic4: extra cheese



Pic5: boursin, butter
Pic6: stuffed
Pic7: baked



Pic8: boursin, butter
Pic9: baked
Pic10: close-up

Portobello mushrooms

2016-02-19 a.o.

Pretty much the same preparation, although you'll need a lot more cheese to fill that platter-sized mushroom cap.

Bake for 30-35 minutes at 350 ºF or cook on max in microwave for 3 minutes.



Pic11: Portobello mushroom gills
Pic12: scraping
Pic13: scraped



Pic14: scrape the cap
Pic15: boursin, gruyere
Pic16: baked



Pic17: boursin only
Pic18: cooked
Pic19: also cooked



Pic20: clean cap
Pic21: gooey cheeses, cream cheese on top
Pic22: cream cheese doesn't melt



Pic23: mushroom flesh
Pic24: with bread
Pic25: yummie