mole negro de Oaxaca


This was a commercial package that I ordered online, 500 grams mole negro. The paste will keep 6 months refrigerated, up to 1 year frozen.

The preparation is quite different than the Dona Maria moles that require water only. This is much darker than the Dona Maria chocolate mole, imo it falls heavier on the stomach and it is so dominant that you don't taste much beside the sauce. It isn't bad, but considering price, the necessity for online order and the stomach trouble afterwards, I think I'll stick to Dona Maria in the future.

That sauce is so dark of color that it is difficult to make it look nice in the pictures.


This is what you need for 2 quarts:

  • 6 cups tomato puree
  • 1 quart chicken stock
  • 17 oz. black mole paste
    • chile mulato
    • chile pasilla
    • vegetable oil
    • S&P
    • plantains
    • onion, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, cumin, oregano
    • roasted peanuts, almonds,
    • sugar
    • a.o.
Pic1: mole negro



Pic2: black mole paste
Pic3: dissolve in tomato puree
Pic4: add stock, simmer


Pic5: add chicken
Pic6: served
Pic7: leftovers

B. enmoladas (chicken + mushrooms)


Enmoladas are similar to enchiladas, but are prepared with mole instead of enchilada sauce.

Just as with enchiladas, the tortillas will draw moisture from the sauce and go soft. The sauce will thicken considerably with 5 tortillas. Add extra liquid to the sauce to compensate or the sauce may become too dry.


This is what you need for 4 servings:

  • 5 flour tortillas
  • 1 quart mole sauce, prepared
  • 1 lb. chicken meat
  • 1 lb. mushrooms
    I used baby portobellos.
  • S&P
Pic8: chicken + mushroom enmolada



Pic9: mushrooms
Pic10: chicken, mole sauce
Pic11: stuff & fold tortillas


Pic12: load that dish
Pic13: extra sauce, bake
Pic14: served