mushroom béchamel sauce


Enchilada sauce can be whatever you want it to be.

Many people here in New Mexico use Campbell's cream of mushroom soup instead of starting from scratch with mushrooms. I started with a mushroom béchamel sauce without chile for the 1st version with layered corn tortillas.

a. béchamel sauce

Adding béchamel sauce increases the amount of sauce and moderates the mushroom flavor.



Pic1: heat oil
Pic2: fry flour
Pic3: add milk


Pic4: let thicken
Pic5: more milk
Pic6: simmer 15-20 minutes

b. creamed mushroom sauce



Pic7: clean the mushrooms
Pic8: slice the mushrooms
Pic9: stir-fry the 1st batch


Pic10: stir-fried
Pic11: add more
Pic12: stew


Pic13: blend
Pic14: add cream
Pic15: blended


c. mushroom béchamel sauce


Pic16: add creamed mushrooms
Pic17: optional Campbell's cream of mushroom soup for larger volume
Pic18: all mixed