creamed vegetable sauces

Fruits and/or vegetables can be pureed and mixed in with béchamel sauce to enhance the flavor.

A. cauliflower sauce

2017-05-05 a.o.

If you like cauliflower with béchamel and cheese, you’ll probably like this sauce too. Béchamel sauce is fairly bland. The cauliflower gives it a stronger flavor. Other vegetables or even fruits can be used instead of cauliflower.

Use this sauce for any dish where you would use regular béchamel sauce. Because of the added vegetables, it will remain thicker and brown better when baked in the oven.

This is also a good alternative to Alfredo sauce. Turn it into a soup by adding water / milk / broth.

I had also intended doing the reverse: blending broccoli and serving it over cauliflower, but I didn't get to that yet by the time I wrote this page.


Pic1: served with steak, mashed potatoes, cauliflower
Pic2: served with broccoli


This is what you need for 3-4 cups:

  • 2 cups béchamel sauce
  • up to 1 lb. cauliflower, cooked
  • S&P
  • nutmeg
  • optional:
  • 1 cup melting cheese of your choice,
    e.g. cheddar, mozzarella
  • 1 potato, cooked



For a smaller calorie load:


Pic3: sauce + cauliflower
Pic4: blended
Pic5: simmer + cheese


B. creamed artichoke sauce


Use the same method as above. Only use freshly-cooked artichoke hearts for this. Canned or pickled artichoke tastes horrible in this sauce.


Pic6: artichoke hearts
Pic7: blended in the sauce
Pic8: served

C. Creamed celeriac sauce

2017-05-11 a.o.

Use the same method as above. The celeriac must be fully cooked.


Pic9: celeriac in béchamel
Pic10: partially blended
Pic11: served with steak, diced celeriac, green salad and mashed potatoes