disaster eggs

various dates

These are sunny eyes that went disastrously wrong.

Both times I had the heat way too high to succeed with sunny eyes. The eggs were still good to eat, but dry-scrambled is not my favorite. And to make things worse, these clearly were not the most esthetically-pleasing creations I ever realized.

All the more funny then that while reviewing these, I discovered that there had been a cover-up; not just once, but both times: the first one became a burrito, the second one a sandwich. I guess I really didn't want to look at those disasters while I was eating them.  :-)

The ingredients are listed.
I'll just remind myself one more time what I should have done to get those perfect Sunny Eyes:

Turn. down. that. heat.


Pic1: the burrito cover-up
Pic2: the sandwich cover-up


a. eggs, onions, tomatoes, ham


As you can see in Pic5, the heat was too high for this. The egg whites dried too quickly, and while I was poking holes through them to let the uncooked whites go down, I broke the yolks.


Pic3: a good start
Pic4: looking great
Pic5: disaster strikes


Pic6: devastation
Pic7: recovery
Pic8: cover-up

B. eggs & ham


With this one, I separated the egg whites and yolks, with a slight mishap. The whites started out nicely, but I had the heat too high this time as well.  I again ended up with dry-scrambled whites, this time before I even put the yolks in. And from bad, it went to worse. (conspiratorial whisper: "I covered that one up too.")


Pic9: the yolks
Pic10: the not-so-whites — I busted a yolk
Pic11: a great start nevertheless


Pic6: don't do that !
Pic7: what will the boss say ...
Pic2: the sandwich cover-up